As a pet lover, the challenge from Kaggle about recognizing whether the animal in the picture is a cat or a dog has caught my attention. The “Dogs vs Cats” challenge provides a dataset about pictures of cats and dogs. This image recognition problem then asks participants to build an algorithm to classify whether pictures from the uncategorized test data contain either a dog or a cat. Although this challenge is easy to be done with human eyes, it is hard for computers to classify. …


World happiness is an indicator of the state of global happiness. Starting from 2012, world happiness reports have been done to evaluate happiness scores in countries around the world and factors — e.g., economics, psychology, survey analysis, national statistics, health, public policy, and more — that could have potential influences on happiness scores. For example, the economy could affect people’s life quality and thus influence happiness. In this report, I will explore the relationship between factors and happiness and show the strength of the relationship by data visualization.


I extracted the world happiness dataset from Kaggle, with 5 .csv files…

Yinghui (Linda) He

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